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Bringing DeFi Infrastructure to Binance Smart Chain.

April 29, 2021 — We’re excited to finally announce the details for the long-awaited TPAD airdrop for DEEP holders (stakers).

Here we go — it’s official:

8% of the total supply of TPAD will be airdropped proportionally to DEEP stakers, as part of the Strategic Partnership.

All the important details about the Airdrop:

We have summarized the most common questions and details below for the airdrop. Please read carefully before asking!

Stake a minimum of 500 DEEP for 21 days.

Yes. The more DEEP you stake, the larger airdrop allocation you will get. Your allocation size is based on the following formula: Your amount of DEEP staked vs the total amount staked.


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🧿 DeepLock — Making Binance Smart Chain Safer.


The DeepLock Locker platform makes it fast, safe and secure to lock up any BEP-20 based token in seconds, including LP tokens from PancakeSwap,
giving investors peace of mind.

The motivation behind DeepLock is to create safe environment for token creators and investors, and a way to prevent immediate sell-offs and rug-pulls after token launches.

Binance Smart Chain Growth Problems

Binance Smart Chain (BSC) is growing extremely fast and is now performing more transactions per day than Ethereum. The total value locked on Binance Smart Chain has increased from $1B USD to over $11B USD in just under a month.


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